The Dividing LIne

by Castoff

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released 03 May 2013

Bill - Guitar/Vocals
Adam - Guitar
Brian - Bass
Pete - Drums

All songs written by Bill
All songs performed by Castoff



all rights reserved


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Castoff San Diego, California

Castoff was started by in 2012 and our first official album was released on May 3, 2013. We love to play fast, heavy, and melodic punk rock and sing about politics, culture, and the ups and downs of human existence. That is all.

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Track Name: The Vast War Complex
This talk of peace makes for such a nice conversation point
And still we build for the next war
This sick true obsession will cause our downfall
For what we've made now controls all

And it's hard to retreat
From the system we've built
And the pain that we've dealt
The line of wasted lives
And from this we derive
Values to which we strive

So insecure and so rigid in our beliefs
Is it too late for us to see?
A complex that does stretch so far and wide
So much that we're all trapped inside
Track Name: Propped Up
We've reached the point of no return
Freedom or theft can we discern
The price of trust and the disguise
A pretty face on our demise

Validate them all
Brace for the fall
Keeping them propped up
Keeping them propped up

Limit the choices we can make
Simplistic slogans we relate
One trait they do all have in kind
Devotion to the dollar signs
Track Name: Long Way Home
And it's a long way home when you've lost your way
And you can find your way back from all yesterdays
And we will always be there standing by your side
And it's not too late to change you have to decide

We can not fault you for it
External forces way on us
Redemption may require trust

And it's a long way home
Track Name: The Narrow Path to Redemption
I may have not made the right choices for what I wanted to be
But I can will myself to at least change the things I can see
At the very least I want to make sure to hold my head up high
And make it hard to deny

And I'm not finished just yet
Never owned by regret
And I can walk the straight line
This path is narrow and that's by design

I admit that I may not be perfect and god knows this world is hard
Even when you fight so long to try to cover up and heal the scars
I know they're are those who believe that I will fall again
And that I'll give in
Track Name: Catharsis
I could choose to live without this weight
The pressure seems to complicate
The questions deep and I surmise
And clear away all past tears from these eyes
The rest of me that still can clearly see
The way I felt when I was, when I was truly free

I've come to grips with what I've lost
Don't make me think about the cost
Resolution is my final friend
I won't have peace until it ends

A fall from grace and no return
It's not the fall but what we learn
We walk around with pain for years
Self-medicate to allay all our fears
The twisting road is hard to navigate
I need some time, some distance, some distance from this hate
Track Name: Past is Past
The past is so far gone
Where it belongs
But we're still holding on

I want to make plans for today
Not looking to turn back
And search for answers in those days
I can extract what I need
From lessons I once learned
The rest of memories recede

The past is still far gone
Where it belongs
But we want to hold on

The inertia we all fear is real
There's no one way to separate true progress from all things revealed
I will reuse what I know
And take the time to remove all the things that will not help us grow

The past is so far gone
Track Name: Revision
We are so lost
Can we ever find our way?
Do we exist?
To only help privileged gain?
Let's stand for all
And we'll see it to the end
We should defend

There is a price to pay for all things said and done
Can we confront our problems or turn back to run

What we lose
Is the need to make amends
Constrict views
And ideas we staunchly defend
We are so blind
To transgressions and the lies
We must revise

Can we accomplish anything that requires faith
No progress is a sign that we have lost our way
Track Name: Infiltrate
Taken for a ride
You can't get inside
We know what's best
And I will attest
Looking out for you
We'll see it through
Keep faith in us
The blindest trust

I want my view inside the room
To know for sure and not presume
Constant frustration won't abate
Now is our time to infiltrate

We'll set you straight
No need to relate
My expertise
Lies in deceit
Promise to change
Seen the error of our ways
Can we try once more?
Still behind the door

I want my voice inside the room
Speak loud enough, no one assumes
Constant frustration won't abate
Now is our time to infiltrate
Track Name: Solid Pledge
There's only so many ways to walk the line
Strong force and directional pull and the conflicts we often find
I find it hard to keep up the pace
And ask ourselves what's in it for us at the end of the race

this...time...what's expected of us?

we want to stay off the ledge
and not lose the sense of who we wanted to be
we need to make this solid pledge

it's hard to fight the persistence of time
rewards for our efforts are hard to find
and there is no peace that comes with the way
the struggle that we face

we need to make this solid pledge