Lines and Passages

by Castoff

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released April 28, 2015

Bill Hockmuth - Guitar/Vocals
Ron Santiago - Guitar
Brandon Lounsbury - Bass/Vocals
Josh Kidd - Drums

All music written and arranged by Castoff
All lyrics by Bill Hockmuth
Recorded and mixed by Jeff Forrest at Doubletime Studios
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room
Artwork by Andy Harrison

Bird Attack Records
Morning Wood Records



all rights reserved


Castoff San Diego, California

Fast Music.

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Track Name: True Wealth
So very happy and so safe
It feels nice to be isolated behind the gate
So much success and so little time
That's ok of course I feel quite good knowing what's mine
Not so comfortable but we're free
I try not to take more than what I need
I don't claim to have all the answers to which I rely on
I rely on
The quandary of relativity
And the things that you hold close may be different than me
But where my problem lies is the expectation for all
A strict adherence to just one call
Track Name: Through Victory
For centuries we approached the battles with purpose and no regrets
Became one with the system convinced ourselves of its integrity
Dominance was the goal that we never seemed at all hesitant to set
Seem so quick to forget about simple peace and its viability
And through victory we have lost
Stripped away the forgotten cost
The remnants of all this destruction is overlooked by the celebration
Is this who we are?
Such a strange idea that more guns and bombs will make the world safe and free. Seem to have accepted that this is the way to promote security
Collateral extends so far and wide well past what we can see
Is it too much to ask for this self reflection and rationality?
It's our failure to recognize complicity
And reverse the mistaken path towards sanity
Track Name: Won't Return (Take II)
Tendency to complicate
And separate the answers from the lies and I will say
Solutions mentioned insincere
And all our shouts will fall upon the deafest ears
And we won't return from this
False hope of security
Will be shattered for all those who wish for unity
It is the price of being free
Until margins become the majority
Track Name: Subtle Art of Exclusion
It's easy to forget
Security that we felt
Barely noticing
The hard times have been dealt
The noose tightening for sure
At the end of the rope
Still fighting for air
As we try to cope
Can we recall
When we had a say
Will they exclude us all
Exclude us all
Mornings always seem
More difficult than back then
The ideas I embraced
Much more tough to defend
A drab cloth is removed
From an old wooden drawer
There was a time in our lives
When it meant so much more
And we will not
Track Name: Epilogue
The certainty will pass
And we will soon forget
How justice dissolved before our eyes
And the fact that what we're left with
Is a vague sentiment
And lost ability to dissent
Take all we have and make it seem
Like a fabricated dream
The open door is just mirage
That became quickly dislodged
We can still fight for our home
Together we're not alone
We can still fight for our home
Together we're not alone.
Track Name: All Is Right
The thing is that we fell quickly this time
We won't ever fall
We can't ever fall again
And truth and reason has been stripped away
And replaced by these dressed up lies
The truth revised
And ignorance has crossed the line
Realness disguised
Where all ideas seem just fine
The truth revised
My views will resonate tonight
Realness disguised
These fake debates where all is right